Workhorses is a performative-based research project that dealt with the difficult social issue of unemployment in Sweden. With the aim to make the misuse of people enrolled in Fas 3 more obvious. I hired five persons enrolled in the final stage of the employment and development assurance scheme in Sweden to perform a meaningless task. They were hired to gamble on Vegas machines at bars nearby, instead of going to their enrolled working places, where they are not allowed to perform regular duties because they don’t get a salary, which often has been taken advantage of.

By moving this stigmatized situation to nearby bars, a completely different political, cultural and social situation, I wanted to make the discriminatory mechanism of the original situation more obvious.

In the exhibitions space, the project was presented through props, consisting of the contracts that were signed by the artist and those persons from Fas 3 who was participating, stating the gambling schedule, payment and the addresses where they would gamble. For the spectator these contracts were a message of where and when they could witness the gambling.

Additionally there was T-shirts in the space to show whether gambling happening or not. If the T-shirts were in the space then the gambling wasn’t happening at that time. If the T-shirts were not in the space then the participants were gambling on Vegas machines in nearby bars.