Östberg-Olsson’s practice confronts what it is to be human

Östberg-Olsson’s practice confronts what it is to be human; she addresses notions of DESIRE, CHOICE and CONTROL. As audience we are unwittingly placed in a position which will involve ethical and moral reasoning, relative to the situation we are placed in… Behaviours, moral judgment and ‘definitive’ concepts are and will be CHALLENGED.

Gambling, car racing, booze smuggling, Arbetsförmedlingen and Fas 3; all have had their methodologies, aesthetics and vocabularies appropriated and repurposed by Östberg-Olsson. Working with performance, installation and drawing she presents and re-configures elements from these structures, and creates a product, an experience; a brand to subscribe to and affiliate oneself with.

Östberg-Olsson stages a space which simultaneously offers an uncompromised vision yet a space for inter-subjective reflection and response. She makes a place for us to consider grey areas, fluidity of boundaries and roles, and to play along with her in this game.

Strong, resistant and assured. I am convinced and seduced by her presentation. Her work is often titled ALL IN CAPS. No doubts, and you aren’t presented with an opportunity to. I am convinced and prepared to place my bet, hand over my cash, participate in the RISK.

Text written by Rose Borthwick in the exhibition catalog for the exhibition Enact at Göteborgs Konsthall 2016